Cooling Pad With The Fastest Speed Suck Away The Heat Of The Notebook

- Sep 30, 2017-

Day inflammation, the heat is difficult to block, how to make their beloved books bathed in the cool world has been the books of the family painstakingly. Recently, the introduction of a no power, environmental protection, energy-saving notebook cooling pad, so troubled books of the family problems solved.

Notebook cooling pad shape is extremely simple, rectangular shape, pure black fabric, a little attention, it will mistake it as an ordinary seat on the chair. However, do not be confused by his simple appearance, it is simple and neat appearance can have a very rich technical content, the fastest speed away from the notebook heat, so that books always maintain the best working temperature of 38 degrees or less.

It is attracted by the appearance of pure black, black is the most content of the color, perhaps with black as the main colors of the product intention is also here, the black appearance is rich in scientific and technological content. Hand touched, the surface smooth and cool, like a cool breeze was blowing, cool down Dayton, the mood also accompanied by a lot of people, people can not wait to find out what happens.

We do not talk about its intrinsic material for the time being, alone on the black and bright black and white wave fabric is very particular about. This is not a common chemical fabric, but a new type of single-sided heat conduction chemical materials. From the text that is difficult to judge, its heat conduction is one-way, that can only pass the heat of the notebook to the cooling pad, and the temperature of the cooling pad can not be passed back to the notebook, so to ensure that the notebook's heat Was constantly sucking away. As to what the principle of this seemingly ordinary fabric can achieve such a magical effect, but from the actual experience of the process we really pro "hand" feel continuous use of nearly four hours of the notebook is no longer so "hot" The

Of course, to achieve this effect in addition to the magic of the fabric, there is another mystery is its wavy surface. It is not difficult to find that the single-sided heat-conducting material is uniformly adhered to the interior of the cooling pad liner in the form of a dot, and the filler is not only allowed to distribute the inner packing evenly in the cooling Pad, but also naturally formed a wave texture. Rugged surface actually left enough space between the cooling pad and the notebook floor, the notebook's heat in addition to being sucked away by the cooling pad, but also allows the bottom of the notebook heat and the formation of cold air convection, further assistance Heat dissipation. Manufacturers of the deep intentions of the product can be seen.

We looked at the front side of the cooling pad. Of course, this piece of fabric is no front material so pay attention, it is a black corduroy fabric. As we all know, in all the fabrics, corduroy fabric in addition to affordable, it is the biggest advantage is the texture of soft, comfortable, high friction coefficient, the mat, whether on the table, legs, bed and even the floor, will Think it is appropriate.

This product is the most commendable is its endothermic core - dihydric alcohol-free liquid (coolant) polymer compounds. This coolant polymer compound with thermal expansion and contraction of the physical properties, at room temperature was crystal, when the temperature reached 25 degrees Celsius above, this compound will quickly absorb heat, and then change the molecular surface structure, the formation of viscous gel. After about 8 hours of sustained heat absorption, the thermal energy reserves of the compound will peak. At this time need to take out the cooling pad, placed at room temperature, natural cooling, just about 20 minutes, the polymer compound will be restored from the gel into a crystal, the cooling pad can be reused. 8 hours of continuous working hours for the general notebook can be said to be exaggerated, because the vast majority of the current notebook computer in the ideal state of life is far less than 8 hours, and only 4 hours or so, and the normal work Day of working hours only 8 hours, I believe that as long as the love of the books of the people, can not let their beloved books every day to maintain a high load of 8 hours.

In fact, in addition to the above superior performance, the design concept of the cooling pad with the application of the notebook needs of the perfect fusion together. Notebook was born and popular, its portability played a vital role. And Anwar high cooling pad of the portable even more to say, the overall quality of only 650 grams, can be folded, can be washed, and then harsh space, whether it is a special notebook bag, or ordinary backpack, or wash supplies luggage Bag, it can be easily put, effortlessly. Of course, there are even more commendable is that even the USB micro power it does not need, completely environmentally friendly, energy saving, is a high-tech green products, it can be said that the books of a revolutionary product.