Exhaust Fan For Ventilation And Exhaust Use

- Sep 30, 2017-

There are many types of exhaust fans, but the exhaust fan specifications corresponding to a lot, we buy the exhaust fan to choose the appropriate specifications, the following came to tell you about the exhaust fan specifications and the role of exhaust fan, think Understand friends may wish to look at.

Exhaust fan specifications:

◎ special exhaust fan specifications:

Industrial exhaust fan specifications larger, exhaust fans commonly used in more than 400mm. For example, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, and the like. For factories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, research laboratories and other places.

◎ special use exhaust fan specifications:

Special purpose exhaust fans, with special design and special structure for special environments. Such as high temperature, dust, harmful gases such as (gas) and other calendar. The exhaust fan used in the general environment is mainly composed of fan blades, motors, control switches and frames.

◎ Household exhaust fan specifications:

The exhaust fan is mainly installed in the life of the wall or windows for ventilation and exhaust. Exhaust fans are basically divided into household, industrial exhaust fan and special purpose trio. Household exhaust fan specifications a lot, 150mm ~ 500mm. But the general family are commonly used in 300mm or even 300mm below.

Exhaust fan role and description:

1. Many of the families in the modern society have installed exhaust fans in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc. to exclude fumes, fogs, and odors. There are also exhaust fans installed in the room to regulate the air.

2. For the exhaust fan with AC power supply with single-phase, three-phase two. Household exhaust fan or suction, ventilation fan row dual-use exhaust fans are used single-ended motor to adapt to harsh environments (steam mist and dirt dust places).

3. TV generally use ball-axis music, requiring low-noise small-size exhaust fan with powder metallurgy oil bearing and exhaust fan motor with anti-vibration, bao and oil storage device, the motor running low noise, long-term work is not Refueling.