Exhaust Fan Installation Method

- Jun 02, 2017-


  Exhaust fan installation method:

  1, in the installation of exhaust fan before, we must exhaust the exhaust fan to check whether the exhaust fan is intact, all kinds of accessories are complete, in the transport process with or without bumps, must not forget the fan To check, so as not to affect the use of the installation after the effect.

  2, the location of the exhaust fan must be stable, pay attention to keep the level of the fan, try to adjust the fan and the ground consistent, if the exhaust fan is not installed will affect the late use of the effect.

  3, the exhaust fan motor regulator should be installed in a convenient place to facilitate the owners at any time to adjust the exhaust fan belt elastic.

  4, in the installation of exhaust fan must pay attention to the best installation of exhaust fan bracket, and keep the bracket and the level of the same ground, if necessary, can be used to reinforce the device.

  5, install the exhaust fan after the fan to observe the surrounding seal is intact, if there is space to use glass glue for sealing operation.

  6, exhaust fan installation should pay attention to check whether the internal parts left to determine the safety before the test machine can be operated.


  Precautions for installation:

  1, exhaust fan installation must be fixed, the exhaust fan and the ground from the best distance to maintain a 2.5 meters is appropriate.

  2, ceiling exhaust fan should not be installed in the smoke too much place, such as kitchen, kitchen can be installed wall-mounted exhaust fan.

  3, in addition, the exhaust fan power supply, must be equipped with safety standards in line with the plug, to prevent the phenomenon of leakage caused by the occurrence of fire.