Exhaust Fan Is An Air-conditioning Appliances

- Aug 08, 2017-

  Exhaust fan is an air-conditioning appliances, the main principle of the motor is driven by the fan to drive the air flow, so as to achieve the purpose of indoor and outdoor air exchange. In the current market, ventilation fans are divided into three categories: ceiling ventilation fans, wall-mounted ventilation fans and window ventilation fans.

  1, ceiling exhaust fan.

  In appearance, the ceiling-type ventilation fans are more impressive than other ventilators. When installed in the bathroom, can be installed on the ceiling. However, this ceiling-type ventilation fan pipe is shorter, so when the installation also need to prepare a ventilation duct with a ventilation duct, or easily lead to poor contact situation.

  2, wall-mounted exhaust fan.

  The wall-mounted ventilator is usually a ventilator embedded in the wall. This type of ventilation fans because of the smaller size, so more suitable for those smaller area of the bathroom, for many small families is very suitable. However, this type of ventilation fan exhaust cross section is narrow, so the intensity of ventilation is not enough, replace the air speed is not very fast.

  3, window exhaust fan.

  Two-way, so this ventilator can not only indoor air outdoors, but also the outdoor air can be added to the room. And the scope of this ventilation fan is relatively large, can be placed in the larger living room, you can also put a little kitchen and toilet, so this ventilation fan is very popular, many families have chosen this type of ventilation fan as a bathroom ventilation fans The

  Bathroom exhaust fan installation knowledge

  Bought the exhaust fan, how to install the ventilation fan also put on the agenda, then how to install the bathroom exhaust fan?

  1, first of all, different exhaust fans have different installation methods, so before installation, should carefully read the use of the ventilation fan and installation instructions, understand the type of ventilation fans to determine the installation of ventilation fans.

  2, followed by the installation before the need to carefully check the exhaust fan of the pros and cons. You can turn on the power of the ventilation fan in advance, if you can successfully start a good start, if the ventilation fan is still not working, you need to check the ventilation fan is complete, whether the short circuit and so on.

  3, and then, in the bathroom installation exhaust fan also need to pay attention to the exhaust fan should be more than 2.3 meters from the ground, otherwise it is easy to produce poor airflow, causing human discomfort.

  4, in addition, the installation of exhaust fan can be as much as possible in the bathroom where the smell of thick and toilet outlet, which is conducive to the exhaust and add fresh air to ensure that the air circulation of the bathroom.

  Through the above description, we can understand some of the relevant knowledge about the exhaust fan, right now! We know that the exhaust fan is small, but its role is not small, the bathroom environment needs it to manage, I hope my introduction can help everyone.