Fresh Air System And Exhaust Fan Difference

- Jun 02, 2017-

  Fresh air system and exhaust fan difference: family fresh air system exhaust fan difference: ventilation effect

  The fan exhaust fan volume is large, there is no reasonable structure of the pressure field and air flow path, can only achieve the local space exhaust, can not enter the air, indoor and outdoor air can not achieve circulation, there are too many fresh air dead ends; fresh air system that is exhaust , And have the wind, can completely remove the indoor odor, decoration pollution, excess moisture, dust, bacteria and viruses, and add fresh outdoor air, fresh air throughout the interior of every corner.

  Home fresh air system exhaust fan difference: air filter

  Exhaust air in the indoor air after the outdoor air will be poured into the room, the air is automatically through the doors and windows into the room, without any treatment; fresh air system with air filtration function, before the introduction of outdoor air, the air sterilization, filtration , Purification treatment, the real fresh, pure air into the room, so as to protect the health of home life, security.

  Home fresh air system exhaust fan difference: running time

  The fresh air system is 24 hours 365 days of uninterrupted work, the standard space fresh air system can continue to operate the continuous operation of 80,000 yuan, the air supply system is running, Hour or more, only less than 1 kWh per day, you can always ensure that the air cycle.