Heavy Duty Push-Pull Type Exhaust Fan

- May 18, 2018-

Heavy Duty Push-Pull Type Exhaust Fan Basic Info

  • Model NO.: GLT-1400

  • Electric Current Type: AC

  • Push-Pull Exhaust Fan Certification: RoHS

  • Cooling Effect: Great and Obvious

  • Fan Type: Centrifugal Flow

  • Specification: RoHS

  • Push-Pull Exhaust Fan Blade Material: Stainless Steel

  • Mounting: Wall Fan

  • Noise: Low

  • Blade: Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Push-Pull Type Exhaust Fan Product Description

1. Push-Pull Exhaust Fan Summary:
Heavy Duty Push-pull Type Exhaust Fan exhausting air out the room pressure falls, indoor air becomes

Thin, suction fan is characterized by the formation of a negative pressure zone, the air due to the pressure

Difference between the compensation into the room. In practical applications, industrial plants, centralized

Suction fan installed in the plant side air intakes in the plant room on the other side, the air intake ports by

The suction fan convection hair. In this process, the suction fan near the doors remain closed, forcing the

Air to flow into the inlet side of the shop windows compensation. Air lined up orderly workshop by the

Inflow of air intakes, flowing from the workshop, the workshop by the suction fan discharge. Ventilation

Thorough, efficient, and ventilation rate can be as high as 99%. Through specific engineering, according to

Design ventilation rate and wind speed, no fever, harmful gases, dust can quickly exhaust smoke shop,

Any disposable poor ventilation can solve the problem. From a few seconds to turn on the fan to achieve


2. Heavy Duty Push-Pull Type Exhaust Fan Features:
(1 ) Frame and blades made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material (high strength steel) one piece, acid corrosion.
(2) Aluminum efficient motor, 0.75KW, energy efficient.
(3) Direct drive, no belts, provincial trim, maintenance-free.
(4) Four-point fixing bracket, motor fixed more firmly.
(5) machine with stainless steel screws, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali.
(6) Using PVC blinds, anti-rain, anti-mosquitoes.
(7) Using the safety net, and to prevent foreign invasion, to increase security.
(8) Features a waterproof tank, fell into the hole to prevent water intrusion.

Model Power Voltage(v) Fan Dia(mm) RMP(r/min) Air Flow(m3/h) Noise(db) Outer size(mm)
GLT-1400 1.5 380 1400 325 55800 <70 1530*1530*400

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