Hot Air Generator Introduction To Advantages And Principles Of Work

- Nov 03, 2017-

The hot-air generator consists of three parts, which are blower, heater and control circuit. The working principle is as follows: After electrify, the blower blows the air to the heater, so that the air is passed through the inner and outer side of the spiral electric wire, and the heat generated by the electrothermal filament is exchanged with the cold air through the heat and the air temperature of the tuyere is raised. The K-type thermocouple in the outlet is timely feedback the detected air temperature to the temperature controller, the instrument monitors the actual temperature according to the set temperature, and transmits the relevant information back to the solid state relay to control the heater's work. At the same time, the ventilator can use the air conditioner (frequency converter, throttle) to adjust the air volume, thus the operation temperature and the air volume are regulated. In addition, the hot-air generator also to the fan inlet, the motor set Over-temperature protection circuit and the total circuit set the emergency brake zhi switch, and further improve the protection of equipment.


The standard type hot air generator uses the international brand Electric main control (such as inverter, PID thermostat, SSR, circuit breaker, intermediate relay, magnetic switch, etc.); PID thermostat is ± 0.1% and equipped with remote switch.

The economical hot air generator uses the international brand Electric main control (such as PID temperature controller, SSR, circuit breaker, intermediate relay, magnetic switch, etc.), does not match the inverter, but the Power distribution machine protector, the PID temperature controller precision is ± 0.1%.


Non-magnetic Shan ohmic heating air for hot-air source, clean and hygienic, in line with environmental protection. It has the function of preventing dry burning and breaking.

Ingenious wind tunnel design, air from the spiral electric wire inside/outside the side evenly through, heat exchange nearly 100%, wind pressure loss less, less flow.

Microcomputer PID/SSR control, high precision, fast feedback, durable.

With multiple overheating overload protection device, fully guarantee the safety of equipment, can work non-stop 365 days a year.

Outlet with K-type thermocouple, direct detection control, the wind temperature constant.

Fiber insulation cotton insulation, rugged chassis, the use of safe and reliable, long-term maintenance of high temperature work.

Continuous use of temperature up to 350 ℃/650 ℃, widely used.

Circulating hot-air generator application patented design of the radiator, continuous air temperature can reach 230 ℃, air flow regulation can be used frequency converter speed, more energy-saving, high controllability, less heat loss and other outstanding characteristics.