How Do The Exhaust Fan Remove The Oil

- Jul 01, 2017-

  How do the exhaust fan remove the oil

  In many families of the kitchen, there will be installed Exhaust Fan to keep the kitchen air circulation. In the long-term use of the kitchen ventilation fan, will come into contact with a lot of fumes, and thus easy to accumulate a lot of dust and stains. These Exhaust Fan accumulated fumes stains clean up is also very troublesome, the following Xiaobian to provide you with some clean coup.

  Introduction of Kitchen Cleaner Oil Cleaning Method

  1, the first surface of the obvious heavy oil with a knife or other hard objects gently hang up,

  2, and then in the ventilation fan on the surface of a layer of kitchen cleaner, this can be seen as oil pollution times spray.

  3, after spraying the first do not be busy to wipe, let it dissolve, Exhaust Fan when you see the oil dissolved almost the same time when the amount of hot water plus detergent and then wipe the ventilation fan can be.

  Another cleaning need to pay attention to is that in the ventilation fan to clean when the action should pay attention to soft, absolutely can not force the fan leaves, so as to avoid deformation of the fan, damage, Exhaust Fan for the future use of the security risks.

  Ventilator fan fumes stains clean method is actually very simple, only do a regular check repair and cleaning, so as to ensure that the ventilation fan can work properly and work.