How To Clean The Exhaust Fan?

- Jul 01, 2017-

  How to clean the Exhaust Fan?

  For the current healthy home life, with fresh air circulation is the basic indoor environment, so many families have installed Exhaust Fan. In the long-term use of Exhaust Fan, due to long-term and dirty air and dust fumes in contact, it will inevitably be deposited in the surface of many stains, the need for timely cleaning. To know the rational use of Exhaust Fan the most important step is to do the equipment maintenance work, so that Exhaust Fan have a longer life.

  How to clean the Exhaust Fan?

  1. The fan is the main part of the Exhaust Fan cleaning, and this part is able to remove the cleaning, but in the process of disassembly should pay attention not to the Exhaust Fan power line damage. Specific cleaning methods can be used detergent, vinegar soaking method to clean. Place the leaves in a pot of hot water mixed with 2 ml of detergent and 50 ml of vinegar, soak for about 15 minutes and then scrub with a clean rag. It is worth noting that only fans of the fan can enter the water, the other parts should avoid falling into the water, so as not to affect the late use of Exhaust Fan.

  2. For those who have a lot of oil grill ventilation clean, recommend you use the pressure cooker steam to clean. The specific method of operation is as follows: the pressure cooker put half pot of cold water, Shaofei, until the steam is discharged when the pressure valve is removed, open the hood to the steam column at the rotation of the fan, in the high hot water constantly , The oil on the leaves will follow the oil drain tank into the waste oil box. So that when cleaning will save a lot of things for us, but also to a large extent, clean the Exhaust Fan above the oil.

  The ventilation of the cleaning method to introduce here, we can clean in the future when cleaning. Here to remind you, in order to have a good fan ventilation effect, the daily cleaning and maintenance can not be sloppy.