How To Install The Kitchen Exhaust Fan

- Aug 08, 2017-

  How to install the kitchen exhaust fan

  The kitchen is a place to cook food, but the fumes it produces are often a headache. Although we usually install the hood in the kitchen, but the installation of kitchen exhaust fan can be better discharge of fumes. So, how to install the kitchen exhaust fan? Kitchen exhaust fan installation to pay attention to what?

  Kitchen ventilation fans are generally one-way and two-way two. One-way can effectively discharge a variety of indoor harmful gases; two-way in addition to exhaust, but also pumping fresh air. Ventilation fan, such as installed in the window, you can remove the frame, the box with a screw fastening in the window frame or another system can be installed on the plate.

  Kitchen exhaust fan before installation

  1, the kitchen exhaust fan should be carefully checked before the installation of the machine is not intact, the fastener bolt is not loose or fall, impeller with or without bumps, carefully view the leaves or louvers in the transport process with or without deformation damage The

  2, select the outlet environment, should pay attention to the outlet opposite 2.5-3m can not have too much obstruction.

  Kitchen exhaust fan when installed

  1, the installation is smooth, the kitchen exhaust fan installation should pay attention to the horizontal direction of the fan, adjust the fan and ground level consistent. After the installation of ventilation fans can not be skewed appearance.

  2, the installation of the kitchen exhaust fan should make the motor conditioning bolts in the convenient operation of the position, so that when used to adjust the ventilation fan belt elastic.

  3, the installation of kitchen exhaust fan bracket, be sure to let the bracket and the ground plane level, if necessary, in the ventilation fan side of the installation of angle iron reinforcement.

  4, after the installation of the fan, to check the surrounding seal. If there is space, can be used to seal the sun plate or glass glue.

  The kitchen exhaust fan is installed

  1, after the installation, to see whether there are left inside the ventilation fans and debris, hand or lever toss the fan to see if there is too tight or wipe the appearance, with or without obstruction of the items without abnormal appearance Can be tested.

  2, when working, such as showing ventilation fan oscillation or motor "buzzing" abnormal static or other abnormal appearance should be shut down to see, to be modified and then use the boot.