Industrial Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090/5090

- Mar 22, 2018-

Industrial Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090/5090 Basic Info

Product Description

  • Certification: CE, CCC

  • 7090 Cooling Pad Sample: Available

  • Shipping Port: Qing Dao

  • Origin: Shandong

  • 7090 Cooling Pad Condition: New

  • OEM: Yes

Adopt advanced equipments and technology, made of special high polymer materials.
Corrugated paper, subjected to special treatment, features high intensity structure, corrosion resistant, prolonged service life.
The frame can be made of aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet or plastic-steel, and the dimensions can be customized according to customer's requirements.
Our products enjoy high reputation at home & abroad and sell well in China, Southeastern Asia, Africa, Mid East, Europe and USA, etc.

Industrial Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090/5090 Product Feature
Not contain substances that are harmful to the environment, poisonless, tasteless, energy saving, environment protection, easy installation and removel.

7090 Cooling Pad Product Specification/Models
5090, 7090
Color: Brown, Green, Green/Brown, Black coated-single side(washable), Green coated-single side(washable), Yellow coated-single side(washable)

Industrial Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090/5090 Application
Adopted as the medium of humidification and cooling, and also widely used in industrial fields, civil fields & agricultural fields, such as mines, textile workshops, warehouses, stores, supermarkets, large farms, livestock farms, gardening and flower/vegetable greenhouses.

H(mm)1500*1600*1800*20001500*1600*1800*20001500*1600*1800*2000Same with 7060 model
W(mm)900*600*300900*600*300900*600*300Same with 7060 model
T(mm)100*150*200*300100*150*200*300100*150*200*300Same with 7060 model
Note7060 and 6090 belong to china commonly use size. But we can according customer requirement to do.



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