Positive Solution Of Exhaust Fan For Warehouse

- Jul 26, 2017-

  Positive Solution of Exhaust Fan for Warehouse

  Under normal circumstances, first of all according to the size of the warehouse space environment and the size of the required ventilation to select the fan. In the absence of specific circumstances, there is no way to determine the next model. Exhaust Fan Of course, the most important thing is to look at the actual application needs.

  Secondly, for the specific warehouse fan selection, generally should follow the following principles:

  1, according to the type of gas to determine the selection. Such as storage and storage of goods is flammable and explosive goods, you must choose the explosion-proof warehouse fan; such as the warehouse dust and water gas weight, you need to choose dust and moisture type, or choose the general fan on it.

  2, to see the size of the space required for storage space, Exhaust Fan you can choose the most conventional type of axial fan, and according to the specific type of fan to determine whether the required function covers the entire warehouse ventilation range area. In general, because the warehouse to maintain a certain ambient temperature and humidity, ventilation on the air volume requirements are more stringent, according to the different circumstances to determine the ventilation.

  3, noise requirements, if the high noise requirements, you can choose a low noise fan or environmentally friendly centrifugal fan.

  4, according to the actual situation of the warehouse, such as the ratio of length to height selection. Warehouse in the decoration process, Exhaust Fan select the appropriate ventilation equipment installation area, and sometimes can achieve a multiplier effect.

  In short, the selection of the fan is a comprehensive consideration in a variety of factors can be determined down. Failed to correctly select the fan, it will lead to reduced efficiency of the fan, to achieve the requirements of not expected, Exhaust Fan and even you will have greater losses.