The Importance Of Exhaust Fans For Production Safety

- Oct 16, 2017-

The importance of exhaust fans for production safety

For the safety of the production of industrial exhaust fan is very much, the importance of product supply is also obvious. In many large occasions the role of industrial exhaust fan is particularly evident. Let's take a look at the industrial exhaust fan.

Where to give an example, the car paint shop in the grinding and painting process will appear dust, mist paint particles and organic solvent volatiles, in these toxic substances contain a lot of formaldehyde. Long-term contact with formaldehyde can cause mouth, nose, trachea, esophageal stomach, liver, heart and other parts of the disease and cancer. So the industrial exhaust fan for the production workshop is essential.

Industrial exhaust fan is an exhaust fan, the exhaust fan is generally the indoor air circulation, it should be so that the indoor solvent can be quickly removed after evaporation, so as to avoid the indoor air solvent content is too high, causing an explosion or poisoning The The exhaust fan is driven by the electric fan to rotate the air to drive the airflow, so that the indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air conditioning appliances. The purpose of the exhaust is to remove the indoor dirty air, adjust the temperature, humidity and sensory effects.

Exhaust fan ventilation methods were discharged, inhaled, and used three. Discharge from the natural air intake into the air, through the exhaust fan discharge dirty air; inhalation through the ventilation fan inhalation of fresh air, from the natural exhaust port discharge dirty air; and the use of type is the suction and exhaust by the ventilation fan to complete. Exhaust fan is a kind of axial fan. Mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling works and called the exhaust fan. Exhaust fan with large air duct, large leaf diameter, large exhaust volume, ultra-low power consumption, low speed, low noise and so on.

So how to choose industrial exhaust fan

1, in the choice of industrial exhaust fan, the first look at the industrial exhaust fan can quickly remove the residual bad smell. Second, to see if it can exchange fresh air from outside faster, to ensure the comfort and safety of the indoor environment. Moreover, see the industrial exhaust fan can remove some of the wall dust, so as to better protect the working environment clean.

2, select the industrial exhaust fan to see how it's performance, this depends on the continued operation of industrial exhaust fan capacity, so you can protect the efficiency of use. But also depends on the size of the industrial exhaust fan displacement, if your indoor space is relatively large, we must choose a large displacement of the industrial exhaust fan.

3, the purchase of industrial exhaust fan with the purchase of other products, the most important thing is to look at the performance of industrial exhaust fan itself, at the same time for their own needs, these two points in the purchase of industrial exhaust fan when the most critical of.