The Working Principle Of Hot Air Generator

- Jun 16, 2017-

  The working principle of hot air generator

  Hot air generators are widely used in a variety of industries, such as in the electronics industry, food, pharmaceutical, printing, heat treatment, etc., should be very wide, with a very good development prospects. For the characteristics of this product and the like, I believe we are more understanding, here I do not do more to explain, and today we mainly introduce the work of this product principle. We all know that mechanical products are owned by their own working principle, and our products are naturally no exception.

  Hot air generator is generally composed of three parts, these three parts are the blower, and control circuit of the three parts, this 7:00 wind generator is the main work of these three parts to complete. It works like this, after the power, the air will automatically enter the machine, and then first by the blower air blowing to the heater concept, so that the air can be inside the electric heating wire from the outside even through the , In order to allow the air better through the electric wire, so the electric wire is generally a spiral design, and power, the electric wire will immediately start working, power after it will produce heat, and we all know , The air just entering the machine is cold air, we need to use the heat generated by the heating wire to convert these cold air into hot air, so that the air temperature of the outlet can be increased.

  And in the outlet are generally set up a k-type thermocouple, its main function is to detect the timely arrival of the air temperature of the air connection to the temperature controller, the temperature controller and then according to our users Set the temperature to monitor the actual temperature required for the work, and then then the various temperature and related information and then transferred to the solid state relay, to achieve control whether to let the heater to work.

  And the hot air generator at this time, you can also let the fan through the damper, or the inverter, etc. to adjust the outlet required to blow the air flow to the size of the air can be a good control of the air heating and temperature transmission. So that this product features is very much, the working principle is relatively simple, but the more contains a strong idea, it can make the machine a very good user to achieve the required operating temperature, the regulation of air volume is also done in place Accurate, and also in a variety of accessories are set around the protection device, can be a good protection of the normal operation of the machine can be a good way to improve the efficiency of the machine.

  Now, many of the industrial enterprises are using our hot air generator to work, this is indeed a very good product, in the market reputation is very good, the majority of consumers generally loved, is a very trustworthy Of the products, interested friends can go to the market to understand what their own.