Ventilation Fan How To Extend The Service Life

- Sep 15, 2017-

Ventilator fan driven by the fan to drive the air flow, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air - conditioning appliances. Also known as ventilation fan. The purpose of ventilation is to remove the indoor dirty air, adjust the temperature, humidity and sensory effects. Ventilators are widely used in homes and public places.

Ventilation fans in the use of the process should pay attention to what?

(A) in the usual use of the process, such as encounter ventilation fans can not work properly, remember not to disassemble the ventilation fan, repair, should have a professional qualification or authorized by the factory authorized personnel to check, otherwise it is easy to produce or leave safety Hidden danger.

(B) do the daily cleaning of the ventilation fan must pay attention to, first of all should be cut off the power to prevent electric shock and some people mistakenly, resulting in personal injury.

(C) in the ventilation fan to clean the leaves, it should also be careful not to a fan of excessive force to prevent the break.

(4) It is very important to prevent the ventilation fan blades from being fixed due to excessive smoke in the kitchen ventilation fan. Because, when the fan is fixed, the ventilation fan motor is still working, this time, the motor will send a lot of heat, ranging from the motor burned, and then may cause a fire.

(5) It is important to check whether the ventilation fan is closed if you need to go out and prevent accidents.

How to maintain the ventilation fan to ensure longer service life?

After a long period of operation, the filter due to dust, dirt obstruction affect the air volume and the effect of the best every two weeks to clean it, as follows:

(1) unplug the power supply;

(2) twist the fan loose screw, remove the rear cover;

(3) pull out the connector, remove the filter and the rear cover together;

(4) with detergent and water to reconcile the appropriate concentration;

(5) the filter and the rear cover into the container, wash 10-15 minutes after the water wash, do not immerse the small motor in the water, do not wash the small motor with water;

(6) Reinstall the filter and the rear cover back into place. Dehumidification facilities. In the water supply to the water cooling device, use pure water as much as possible. Pure water composition of high purity, less bacteria, can reduce the bacteria in the condensation process of breeding. Water in the tank should always be added to keep it in a safe water level, but should be replaced regularly. After a long run, due to dust, dirt blockage, will affect the filter, air curtain air volume and cooling effect. So, it is best to wash once every two weeks.