Ventilation Fan Remove The Foul Air In The Room

- Aug 29, 2017-

The ventilator is driven by the motor to drive the air flow, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air-conditioning appliances. Also known as Fan fan. The purpose of ventilation is to remove the indoor dirty air, adjust temperature, humidity and sensory effects. Ventilator is widely used in family and public places.

What should the ventilator be paid attention to in the use process?

(a) in the ordinary course of use, if the ventilator can not work properly, remember that it is not necessary for the fan to disintegrate, repair, should please have professional qualification or authorized by the manufacturer of professional inspection, otherwise it is easy to create or leave a security risk.

(ii) Do the ventilation fan daily cleaning must be noted, the first should be cut off the power supply, to prevent the electric shock accident and someone mistakenly opened, resulting in personal injury.

(c) In the fan blades to clean the fan, but also should be careful not to a certain fan blade excessive force, to prevent breaking.

(d) for the ventilator used in the kitchen, it is very important to prevent the fan blades being fixed because of the excessive fumes. Because, when the fan blade is fixed, the fan motor is still working, at this time, the motor will emit a lot of heat, light the motor burned, heavy may cause fire.

(v) It is important to note that for this kind of oil-fixed fan, if you need to go out, to prevent accidents, be sure to check the fan power is off.

How to maintain the ventilation fan to ensure longer service life?

After a long period of operation, the filter network due to dust, dirt blocking the impact of wind and effect, it is best to clean it every two weeks, the method is as follows:

(1) Unplug the power supply;

(2) Twist fan loose screws, remove the rear cover;

(3) Unplug the connector, the filter net and the back cover together;

(4) using detergent and water to reconcile the appropriate concentration;

(5) The filter net and the rear cover into the container, wash after 10-15 minutes to change the clean water, do not immerse the small motor in the water, do not wash the small motor with water;

(6) Reinstall the filter screen and back cover. Dehumidification facilities. When water is injected into the water cooler, use as much purity as possible. Pure water components of high purity, less bacteria, can reduce the bacteria in the condensation process breeding. The water in the sink should be constantly added to keep it at a safe level and be replaced regularly. After a long time running, due to dust, dirt blocking, will affect the filter screen, wind curtain air volume and refrigeration effect. So it's best to clean every two weeks.