Ventilation Fan Widely Used In Home And Public Places

- Oct 24, 2017-

Although the ventilation fan is a humble small household electrical appliances, but the ventilation fan also has a different species, there are some special use, we usually use, most of them are ordinary ventilation fans. Now we come to understand some of the role of ordinary ventilators, but fortunately when the home decoration to be aware of.

The use of ordinary ventilation fans

Exhaust fan, driven by the fan to rotate the air flow, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air-conditioning appliances. Also known as ventilation fan. The purpose of the exhaust is to remove the indoor dirty air, adjust the temperature, humidity and sensory effects. Exhaust fans are widely used in homes and public places. In the home decoration exhaust fan is generally used in the bathroom and kitchen, other places generally do not exhaust fan.

Ordinary ventilation fan classification installation

Currently on the market of household exhaust fan sub-ceiling, wall-mounted and window three. Among them, the ceiling exhaust fan looks better, can be installed in the bathroom ceiling. This ventilation duct is short, so the installation also need to buy a pipe with the ventilation pipe.

Wall-mounted exhaust fans are smaller, can be embedded in the wall above, but because of its narrow cross-section of the exhaust, resulting in weak ventilation, it is only suitable for installation in the smaller bathroom.

And the window exhaust fan is different from the first two, it has a single, dual two-way mode of operation, both indoor air can be discharged, but also outdoor fresh air added to the room, so the scope of the window exhaust fan comparison Big, the effect is also better.

Ordinary ventilation fan refers to the basic exhaust function, for the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, drained indoor dirty air, the role of this ventilation fan is simple, so the structure is not complicated, not prone to problems, more durable, and ordinary ventilation fans The price is not high, usually not how much money, in line with most families use.