Ventilation Fans Should Not Be Frequent Switches

- Oct 25, 2017-

Integrated ceiling ventilation fan is driven by the fan to rotate the air flow, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air-conditioning appliances, also known as ventilation fan. The purpose of ventilation is to remove the indoor dirty air, play a regulation of temperature, humidity and other effects, widely used in homes and public places. Here to teach you some purchase, use and maintenance of ventilation tips it.

Choose a refreshing fan

Household ventilation with indoor use, kitchen and bathroom with three. The bathroom is generally small in size, about 2-4 square meters, can choose 150-200 mm open ventilation fans. The kitchen can be used 250 mm apron ventilation fans, such as the kitchen has been equipped with exhaust hood, can not install ventilation fans. Bedroom and living room area is generally 12-16 square meters to 250-300 mm two-way ventilation fans more appropriate.

General choice ventilation fans, pay attention to the following points:

Ventilator fan novel appearance, color and room color coordination, the plane without warping phenomenon, the plastic pieces of smooth, electroplating pieces of light, no rust marks, the wind can turn.

After the power of rotation leaves smooth, no abnormal noise, air volume. Self-blown 100-page flexible and movable. Interlocking one hundred windows turned sensitive. Two-way ventilation fan switch freely. Motor temperature rise is high, noise is small. With the speed control function of the ventilation fan speed, capacitive motor is not greater than 65%, cover plate type is not greater than 80%.

Tips for using ventilation fans:

Installed on the wall must be solid, not loose, to prevent falling and abnormal sound. For the room, its location can be high; for the kitchen, its location should be close to the stove.

With the ventilation function of the ventilation fan, in the room using the choice of low gear position; in the kitchen using the choice of high-speed position.

Ventilator work, to the corresponding outlet for convection.

Tips for maintenance of ventilation fans:

Ventilation fans should not be frequent switches.

Avoid high temperature and sun exposure, so as to avoid blade deformation.

To regularly remove the oil, the leaves, blinds and panels on the oil removed, cleaning can not use corrosive chemical solution, or easy to damage the plastic parts and outer paint.

Regularly add lubricant to the motor.

After the ventilation fan is re-installed, the fan nut must be tightened to prevent the fan blades from flying out and an accident.

Filter-type ventilation fans should also regularly clean the filter grid, if the activated carbon grid to be dry, otherwise it will affect the filter.