Ventilation Fans Use Matters

- Jul 13, 2017-

  Ventilation fans use matters

  1: Place horizontally. Ventilator should be placed level, pay attention to the use of not tilted, before using the plug to check whether the power supply on the fan nameplate on the same parameters.

  2: often add water. New machine or a long time after the air conditioning fan, must be perfused before use, water level can be observed through the water level, control the amount of water, water should be unplugged before the power plug to prevent damage to electrical components, Rise to close to the "highest" position can be, not over full; irrigation water, the door closed, in the use of refrigeration, pay attention to observe the water standard, when the water level down to the "lowest" position, that should Add water, otherwise it will lose the cooling effect.

  3: frozen ice crystal. General ventilation fans are equipped with two ice crystals, every night, put one of the refrigerator in the refrigerator freezer for some time, the next day out into the tank with the effect of better.

  4: proper humidification. If you want to use the role of cooling and humidification, you must first fill in the water tank, start work for about 1-3 minutes, the air temperature from the ambient temperature and achieve the best results. Ventilation fan Conditional filling low temperature cold water or ice water, cooling effect better. If in the water by adding the right amount of spices, blowing out will be waves of fragrant cool wind, in the hot summer, people relaxed and happy, feel comfortable. Press the humidification, light, start humidification function, such as cancel the humidification function and then press the button, light off, Ventilation fan humidification function to stop.

  5: swing air supply. The general ventilation fans have left and right swing air function, when the need to swing the air, only need to press the "wind" selection button once, so that "swing wind" indicator light, that is automatically left and right air supply, air supply angle of 120 degrees, if Do not need to swing the air, and then press the wind to select the key once, so that "directional wind" indicator light, then stop swing directional air. Ventilation fan At the same time can also adjust the location of the upper and lower air supply, such as hand to adjust the direction of the long guide wind, so that all the direction of the air down or up, according to your needs to adjust to the best location.

  Maintenance: ventilation fans do not have long, should be clean the water inside the tank, room temperature air for some time, so that the machine part of the filter completely dry and then plastic bag sets, for reuse.