Where Is The Exhaust Fan Fitted?

- Jun 01, 2017-

  Where is the exhaust fan fitted?

  If there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom, the moisture will be very difficult to disperse, the kitchen if there is no lampblack machine is recommended to install an exhaust fan, compared to exhaust fan and integrated ceiling these prices more expensive exhaust tools, exhaust fan price is low and can also be drained of moisture and turbid gas. So today's little part of the brief introduction of the exhaust fan related knowledge.

  Installation of wall-mounted exhaust fan

  When the exhaust fan is installed on the wall, it is necessary to measure the profile size of the vent and the exact location of the screw hole, and then chisel the mounting holes in the wall with a steel chisel or a hand-held impact drill. The hole is then embedded in a block (or sleepers), with mortar inlay, and other mortar embedded can be installed after the exhaust fan.

  II. Window type Exhaust fan installation

  When the fan is to be installed in the window, the general process is to first remove a piece of glass, with a drill in the window frame after drilling the thread, with screws fixed. If the window frame is larger than the exhaust fan, can be prepared in advance a tin twist on, then the exhaust fan fixed on the metal, tin can be painted on the metal, fixed to screw or rivet.

  III. Ceiling type Exhaust Fan installation

  If the ceiling type aluminum buckle plate ceiling, will usually be equipped with a ceiling keel matching metal fasteners, installation is very convenient, and if is the wooden keel ceiling, as long as the air duct, with wood screws to tighten the exhaust fan panel on the line.

  Also see if there is any error after installation is complete.

  After the exhaust fan is installed, it is necessary to check whether there are remaining tools and sundries inside the blower. With the hand or lever to the fan leaf, check whether there is too tight or rub the phenomenon, there is no obstruction of the rotation of the goods without abnormal phenomenon, can be carried out commissioning; In operation, if there is a fan vibration or the motor has "hum" abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomenon should be stopped check and repair