Where Is The Most Appropriate Ventilation Fan

- Oct 25, 2017-

Today, often ventilation has become a common sense of life, many families will choose ventilation fans and other ventilation equipment, ventilation fan installation location has become one of the focus of the majority of users concerned, the following together to understand where the ventilation fan where the most Right

Ventilator installation location - bathroom ventilation fan where the most appropriate

Toilet ventilation fans are best installed near the toilet, or close to the shower room, which helps dehumidification and deodorization. The larger bathroom is best equipped with two ventilation fans, one in the vicinity of the shower, the other can be installed in the vicinity of the toilet, so that the whole toilet fresh air.

Ventilator installation location - where the kitchen ventilation fans are the most suitable

The kitchen is the most need to rule out the cooking is the fumes, so the kitchen ventilation fans are generally installed in the stove next to the stove or above, so easy to smoke out quickly, but the ventilation fan air volume is small, and now more families tend to install pumping Hood.

Ventilator installation location - living room, bedroom is not recommended to install ventilation fans

Living room, the bedroom is usually very few installed ventilation fans, because the ventilation fan noise, affecting the normal body rest and life, in addition to affecting the degree of aesthetic decoration, and has a small amount of air, short life and other shortcomings, so few families in the living room And bedroom to install ventilation fans.

What if the living room and the bedroom are needed to install the ventilation equipment? Here it is necessary to recommend the integrity of the new wind system. The fresh air system is a device that helps to ventilate indoors. The fresh air that has been filtered through the room is introduced into the room and the indoor air is discharged to the outside, thus ensuring the flow of indoor air. Indoor conveying fresh air. In addition, the whole heat exchange fresh air system in the wind control ventilation at the same time can reduce the indoor air conditioning to bring the cold (heat) loss, energy saving than ordinary ventilation fans 47%.

The above is the ventilation fan installation location related knowledge introduced, the ventilation fan has a small size, easy installation, cheap, etc., suitable for installation in the bathroom and other small places, living room, bedroom and other places more suitable for installation quiet operation, good effect, beautiful energy saving fresh air system The